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About Watches:

1. What is the quality of our watches?

We are main in selling Swiss Grade Replica Watches which is using original materials on exterior such as Stainless Steel 904 L, Sapphire Grade 9 Crystal. Besides, we are also providing some Japanese quality in which giving more options for those buyer who interested to own a great design watch but don’t have enough budget, making ‘’everyone can wear’’.

2. What is the difference between Swiss and Japanese grade replica Rolex watches?

There will be huge different quality in between Swiss Grade & Japanese Grade.


Swiss Grade will be manufactured in original materials on exterior such as Stainless Steel 904L ( Being used in original in which having more corrosion-resistant, anti-rust, and much more durable and shining in appearance ) , Sapphire Grade 9 with AR Coated, better and more precise workmanship as well as weight and appearance which can be said 98% as original;


Japanese grade will be merely using more basic materials on exterior such as Stainless Steel 316L, mineral glass or cheaper sapphire crystal which don’t have AR Coated. Good to be utilise as a gift or rough wear daily watches.


In short, Swiss Grade is going through a better quality check process including stable and reliable engine precision, more accurate details in which can wear into boutique ( YES you are right ! Our regulars are doing SO !!! )

3. Why should i choose Swiss Grade instead of normal Japanese Grade ?

As mentioned above, regarding the materials and manufactured process was undergo in the machinery which is cloned as almost match to Swiss technologies which will then deciding the higher standard, better workmanship, higher quality assurance on finishing as well as engine reliability. Therefore, it’s a very good substitute watch for long term use without worrying anyone can find out that it is not ‘’genuine’’.

4. Can you send me more real take pictures and details of the desired model?

To avoid some competitors on keeping us lack focus on genuine buyers. We will only providing more information, in detail photos, as well as great sharing to our existing customers in our social medias.

5. Does the second hand running smooth and accurate ?

Yes, as we are only using high Swiss Grade Engine on our watches ( Swiss Grade ),  thus the second hand sweeping quite smoothly with a rate of 28800 bph.

6. Does the watch hand dials adjustment method same as original ?

Yes, as we are only using high Swiss Grade Engine on our watches ( Swiss Grade )  As a reference, Submariner black dial is using swiss grade engine clone 3135 calibre. The adjustment method is totally following original in which on ‘’0’’, ‘’1’’ and ‘’2’’ position to set and adjust the hours, minutes, seconds, and date function, which at 2 position its totally going clockwise rotation movement on crown and minutes hand.

7. Will I receive a tracking number?

Yes, after we received the order we will processed it in 3 - 7 days, then we will send you the tracking number to your email address that link with our account, and we will update you through your phone number as well, so please keep your phone number active.

The processing up to the delivery can take 10 - 25 business days at the moment depends on where you countries located.

8. Do the watches using same ceramic bezels quality?

Yes, if the authentic model featuring on ceramic bezel, thus Swiss Grade will use the same ceramic quality as well.

9. Does the watch come with original box and papers?

In order to avoid high shipping and product costs, so the watch will be shipped in without box and paper. We strongly recommended only buy the watch as box attached will causing longer or more custom problem anyhow watch is the main ‘’actor’’. But of course if you wish to add a box into your order, you may feel free to do it on the product page.

10. How fast is the shipping time once payment done?

Once the payment is confirmed, we will process your order in sequence in our warehouse for around 3-7 business days along with tracking number preparation, then we will ship it out to your country which would take additional 10-15 more business days in order for the goods to be delivered to your doorstep.

Note: Sometimes there is an overload in warehouse and the processing time may take up to  7-14 business days.

11. Does the watch being double check before ship out and it’s safe and secure during the courier process ?

Yes, we will make sure the watch is in a good condition and gone through our final checking on engine stability, no defect on the watch, cleaning on the dust in beneath the crystal and the dial surface.

After final checking, we will packed it into a very thick and high quality bubble wraps, then put on a high quality box according to the watch size, with a fragile sticker on so that the watch will be in a fully protection despite the unexpected rough handling on courier.

12. What type of glass do you use to manufacture watches?

For Swiss Grade, all the watches that being assembled was featuring with only Sapphire Grade 9 with AR Coated as well as scratches proof, higher durable and better for long term use. ( Can be tested under Jewellery Identifier Tool Equipment )

13. Do you deliver to my country?

Due to current pandemic situation, even after the pandemic, we are still not able to deliver to certain countries due to strict rules and regulations. But rest assured we are still ship to almost all around the World. IF you do not able to find your country during check out options, it means that we currently not able to ship there. (Feel free to contact our customer service we will try to figure it out)

14. What movement does the watches use and is it Authentic ETA Engine ?

Depending on the grade of the watch you have chosen, our watches have Japanese Miyota Engine or Best Quality Clone ETA Swiss Movements.
Beware on any seller that telling you its real and genuine ETA used on their watches as Swiss Grade will never use this, and even so the pricing will not be selling so cheap at less than 1000 USD (Have to remember the quality is what you paid for). We don’t do phishing method here and we only dealing with our customer in full disclosure and honest information, aiming for long term support.

15. Are the watches water resistant or waterproof?

People always ask: 
“Can I wear in the pool?" / "Can you wear into the ocean?" / "How deep can I dive with it?”

All Swiss Grade Watches have waterproof to depths of at least <100 metres. Please avoid hot shower as no watch can withhold the sudden temperature changed even original. To maintain the waterproofness of your watch, always advised that the winding crown must screwed down tightly to create a hermetic seal. If the watch is being exposed to the sea, it is very important for you to rinse it with fresh water to remove any salt or chemical on the surface being deposited. We advise not to go deep diving with the watch as anyhow this is just Swiss Grade, normal free diving or snorkelling is fine.

However, our Japanese watches are only water resistant; we do not recommend swimming or taking hot showers with them.

Shipping & Returns:

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1. Can I pay with my VISA/Mastercard card?

We encourage people to use Bitcoin, MoneyGram and Western Union, since Visa and MasterCard policies are against replica products, however we process Visa/MasterCards/Amex, Discovery at a limited period of time. If you do not find the option available, come back another time.