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About Our Store

Rolexious was established in 2015 as a company that aim to delivering great quality watches to market as we saw a demand over there. in the earlier year before 2015, we saw many sellers from all around the world selling low grade quality, as look into it, low grade watches level is not there, we don’t want to see our beloved customer wasting money buying craps, thus we had decided to become high end quality provider in the market. 

For the past 7 years, we are very dedicated into best Swiss Grade Replica watches. As a watch enthusiasts team we been specialize and focusing on providing best quality on the market, alongside with a huge variety to choose from Rolex classical model, sports model, and special edition. anything that related to Rolex, we take it very serious and making sure that everyone can enjoy the feeling and quality on wearing it on as not everyone capable to go for originals, and even you are capable, no stock from boutique is that what we concern.

Who we are

Our Message


‘’Sharing is caring’’ simple to say but hard to fulfil, thus that’s what inspired us on creating ROLEXIOUS BLOG.

Here you can read all about the watch, from current trends to the latest news, basic watch knowledges, ongoing discounts, promotions, real reviews on watch, anything related to Rolex, we have more to share.

Rolexious is your one-stop shop solution for all your Rolex needs, and the Rolexious blog is designed to make shopping more enjoyable and maximising the great experiences on buying from us. What you are looking, definitely we able to provide you the best quality in the market.

Our team consists of independent analysts who are in love with the Rolex culture, background, as well as why should we buying it.

As a watch enthusiast just like you, we are pleased and enjoyed to discuss and share with our customer regarding watch related topics.

Anything that you would like to know about best Swiss Grade replica Rolex, you can count on us and we will making sure that you will find what you like over here, anything that it’s out there, we surely able to look out for you.

We been focusing in this field it’s just simple as one basic reason: ‘’We are watches lover.’’

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